Sonik SK4 Carp Rod

sk4 carp rods are slimmer, lighter, more responsive and better specified than any other carp rods on the market at this price. Period. You only need to pick one up to realise how well balanced and responsive the blank feels. Beautiful for playing fish, but still with plenty of ‘gas in the tank’ when it comes to launching a fully loaded PVA bag to the horizon. We guarantee that once you have tried them you will find it difficult to justify spending any more on a set of carp rods. Superbly built with a careful attention to detail that typifies the SONIK approach to rod design.

Available in four sizes – 12′ 2.75lbs, 3lbs, 3.25lbs and 3.5lbs the sk4 range will cover a wide variety of different fishing situations and conditions. The 12′ 3.25lbs rod is destined to become a popular choice for the angler wanting extra distance whilst still retaining sufficient ‘feel’ for smaller venues.

o Smooth matt grey high modulus carbon blanks incorporating a 1K carbon weave between the handles for extra hoop strength and durability.
o Ultra slim, abbreviated handles with Japanese shrink wrap on lower handle for comfortable grip.
o Gun smoke aluminium end cap, laser engraved with SONIK logo.
o Genuine Fuji DNPS customised with soft touch paint for secure and comfortable grip.
o Gun smoke aluminium collars with fine machined hole decoration.
o Smooth carbon line clip.
o Lightweight SIC Guides – 40mm & 30mm double legged, remainder single leg for improved tip response.
o Black whippings with subtle copper tipping at either end of the handle and logo. Best quality ‘low build’ varnish finish.
o Supplied in quality cloth bag.
o Backed up by the SONIK Product Warranty and RAPIDEX immediate replacement service for total peace of mind.

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Sonik SK4 Carp Rod, 6.5 out of 10 based on 11 ratings

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